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September 2010

I just unlocked the “Explorer” badge on @foursquare!

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@davidpaulyoung Meetings! I know how it is. Thank your receptionist and office manager for their hospitality!

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Photo: Enjoying a Knob Creek with the @joyent Squirrel (long story) — at Joyent, Inc.…

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In the @joyent lobby enjoying a Knob Creek. Thank you @davidpaulyoung and @jasonh!

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Ah, San Francisco. So many fixies, so many hipsters.

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@davidpaulyoung Wish I could make it down to Mission Bay… BUT, I am in SF for once. You and @jasonh around this afternoon?

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@gruber I think it was the ‘stache.

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V. interesting post on computers in edu. Esp. like the team-teaching: The Invisible Computing Teacher… via @fraserspeirs

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Anytime Google wants to push the “Your Google Apps account is changing” banner to…

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Jeesh - took long enough…

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I just unlocked the “Swarm” badge on @foursquare!

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@Heilemann I *think* @gruber might have just tipped his hat to you:RT @gruber: This is the best Star Wars picture:

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Ihnatko New OK Go video. Honestly, I just want to send them a big box of money. »

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@zeldman awesome! So bummed I missed this year - I’m putting it on my calendar now. #2011

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I LOL’d. RT @jasonwindsor: Screenshot of Angry Birds for Blackberry.

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cssquirrel I can’t let an pass without a CSSquirrel to go with it. features @simplebits, @meyerweb, @zeldman and @IE

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thinkgeek A few of us monkeys are geeking out @aneventapart in DC. Our mission: kidnap a UX geek for our team. We’re hiring:

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wishing I could head downtown and go to AEA DC…

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ryancarson Decided to make the whole Ruby on Rails course free to view for the next 24 hrs Go go go! :) Pls RT thx!

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I just ousted Mark C. as the mayor of Ballston Cafe on @foursquare!

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@Heilemann for the first time in forever, they seem to be having issues…. Simplenote is awesome, also take a look at Elements w/Dropbox

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OSU - classy move - wins by 12 after kneeling the ball with almost 2:00 left on the Miami 5. Doubt the U would have kneeled.

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CoryBooker Snooki! I’m the mayor where R U so I can give u a ticket 4 texting & driving we needs revenue!@Sn00ki00ki Ugh stuck in Nwk traffic is no fun

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@fraserspeirs Apple needs to cut you one of the payola checks they send to @gruber

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al3x Maybe it’s hard to predict when JDK 7 will ship because they’re using java.util.Date in their automated prediction system?

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Sheamus “Most of the quotes that are shared on Twitter are attributed to entirely the wrong person.” ~ Mark Twain.

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