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December 2008

Rain and fog on the lake in Syracuse - spending time with family to stay warm.

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loves that his sons like (and know most of the words to) “In the Ayer” by Flo-rida…

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Go Spiders! Bring that Grizzly down!

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@leolaporte Just have a nice white Burgundy and some Brillat Savarin… It’ll all be good.

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Brian Dawkins: “I love just the aura that’s coming from the locker room, not the odor but the aura.”

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@Heilemann you NEED to see The Great Escape, The Sting, Cool Hand Luke and For a Few Dollars More.

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@AlisonL - meh - Florida playing in Florida? I’d have thought you’d want to be at the Fiesta or the Rose…

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is bemoaning the fact that hardware decisions on dev/test/staging/prod were all made way before requirements were known.

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@scottsimpson For real - we had regular carrots a couple weeks back and thought, OMG, THIS is what they used to taste and feel like.

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♪ “…Girl, you got a ten-piece, please don’t be stingy…” ♪

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Digging the updates to Google Reader and the fact that Socialthing now works v. nicely with both Chrome and…

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