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September 2011

SO TRUE. RT @thomasfuchs: Having backspace go back in browser history might be the stupidest UI choice ever.

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zeldman Twitter now remakes links (even shortened links) in its own image, using its own shortener. Boo. Test:

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New Gowalla is confusing to get used to.

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I’m at Taqueria el Poblano (2503A N Harrison St, Arlington)

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jsnell I have seen the future of Macworld editorial meetings, and it is a Google Hangout. Followed by us never doing anything ever again.

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amyhoy i spent a lot of years trying to be a better consultant before i realized that i really didn’t want to be one.

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@djKianoosh you don’t really want to come back from there, do you

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chadfowler Take the long pole from the tent and use it to extract the highest hanging fruit.

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Post soccer practice. @ Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar &

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Take-out on a chilly night. @ Two Chefs

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monteiro Never forget.

That Congress tried denying benefits to first responders and their families.

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@gruber still a little disjointed due to purchases: and Sportacular. Decently integrated though, compared to others they’ve done.

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@apelad I first mis-heard it as: …the one that makes me scream, “SHE’S SICK!”

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daringfireball The Limping Middle Class:

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MLK on Labor Day @ Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

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@hdediu totally agree. Chemistry of the cast but also British attitude towards cars.

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amyhoy “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people and give orders. Teach them to yearn for the vast and endless seas.” -St-Exupéry

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