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May 2010

RT @zeldman: Twitter Top 140: latest Web Trend Map: 140 most influential people on Twitter. // It’s missing @leolaporte

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@chockenberry dude, I think you CHOCKLOCKed O’Reilly.

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Just rode Orange Line standing next to Kerri Strug. Olympic gymnasts’ height now appreciated.

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Blech this weather is dreary. — at@wmataa

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OK, so now I’m TIBCO-certified. Where’s the buckets of cash I was promised?

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tvoti One of the guys who hated tonight’s has a Twitter wallpaper of himself in a Yankees jersey. THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING.

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Better use of time: work remotely with network and cell access / work “on site”, ie mill about in a cube stacking pennies up many diff ways?

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@fraserspeirs let us know stability! Would love to use folders even if I can’t do multitasking on the 3G.

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@anamariecox change AC filters, close all windows, change sheets, take a shower, benadryl, darken room, sleep… relief. Allergies FTL.

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RT @shauninman: IT’S A TRAP! Camera behavior in the @mimeoverse: // gameplay genius.

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