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April 2009

@pvponline took me a while to get it uploaded, but Max is thinking of Kirby:…

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@luxuryluke any chance for an invite to momentile?

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@WilHarris I use fluidapp for gmail, google reader, outlook web, meebo, google docs, mint, grooveshark…

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@Heilemann do Connect to Server, type: smb://servername/sharename

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FB RT: Erin Weber Emmott Best quote from the FOTC (Flight of the Conchords) concert last night “what are you, a bunch of drunk lawyers?”

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@ambermacarthur think “had a good time over Easter”, or “man it’s still cold, wish Spring would finally get here”

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@zeldman HA - contrary to many movies, the sights of are not all on top of each other. Don’t miss the US Botanical Gardens if you can!

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@Heilemann Going to get a myself but plan on hooking it up FW800 to a mini. Figure that should be a better server.

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