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December 2011

Just munched a @waze ‘Snow flake’ road goodie worth 2 points!

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Just munched a @waze ‘Santa hat’ road goodie worth 7 points!

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Just munched a @waze ‘Candy cane’ road goodie worth 5 points!

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The level of polish on my 3rd grader’s presentation on ancient architecture - off the charts. Keynote for iPad is mind-blowing.

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SOPA is horrible: RT @Jim_Moran: I opposed original bill. Judiciary Committee needs to make changes.

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Velocentric I don’t care if CERN have found the Higgs Boson, their slides use Comic Sans. This renders all science contained therein nonsense.

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best_of_mlkshk has 20 likes: “Correlation != Causation”

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badbanana “We Bought A Zoo” looks like the weakest of the Bourne movies.

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tapbot_paul Guys please stop complaining about the new Twitter app, they might revert back and I’m really enjoying the increase in sales.

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al3x Guys

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GDC BBall club. (@ Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar & Grille) [

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Xmas Trains. (@ US Botanical Gardens w/ 3 others)

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