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August 2010

Oh ouch! Internet speeds at the beach house: (Yeah, yeah, I get it - they’re trying to tell me something…)

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Spent my birthday morning relocating computers/wiring so electrical work can happen on our basement reno. More to come tonight.

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Crappy Dell is crappy. The plastic frame surrounding my work laptop screen that cracked a month or so ago has finally just plain broken off.

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I just ousted @laundrewdiamond as the mayor of Blackstone Technology Group on @foursquare!

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jcroft You must read this. @ryanchris, one of the best and smartest people I’ve ever gotten drunk with, shows why he is.

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RT @jasonh: HTTP FTW: Exactly. Wired’s headline is relevant only if web means desktop browsers and brochureware sites.

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jkottke I ran 6287m before hitting a wall and unknowingly tweeting to my followers in Twifficiency. What’s yours?

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Hmmm. Twifficient makes me think of deficient, not efficient.

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@kevinrose autotunethenews did a parody:, they linked the original:

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@gruber @khoi Five Guys is *very* good. But Obama skips them, takes foreign leaders to Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington VA:

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Apple: Please make an Airport Utility for iPhone!

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Why I love @mike_ftw: aside from his BG pic, Phils, & ribb@gruberuber, he’s the best source of death news (real & faux):

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@ambermac probably late to the party, but did you talk to @fraserspeirs? Talented Mac/iOS developer & teacher that setup

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Gah! Somebody *please* make some better, updated videos for this DOL contest. @WhiteHouse @USDOL

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