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June 2012

@luxuryluke sometimes I miss me some Haiku in my 404s.

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gruber You see a lot more demos of Google apps running on iOS devices at I/O than Apple apps running on Android devices at WWDC.

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DragonflyJonez Nigga you said you could see Russia from your backyard. RT @SarahPalinUSA: Obama lied to the American people. Again.

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Party Mode! sounds like Shared Photostreams.

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NolanBushnell Writing a book about creativity. I think the most valuable brain skill in the next two decades will be creative problem solving.

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dhh I didn’t think it was possible, but Single Responsibility Principle appears to be producing even more bullshit code than Law of Demeter.

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bynkii people: speakerphones have a MICROPHONE, not a TUBE. You don’t have to shout. Really.

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@Saintnina22 Check to see if it is using location stuff. You can shut it off for things like compass calibration in Settings>Location>System

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jasonsantamaria Hey @Skype, please just do calls really great and not try to be a social network. And have an option to turn this off:

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@reallybigweek found it - says “over 50”

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@reallybigweek wonder what the wireless client limit is on this one? Old APExpress was 10 clients, APExtreme was 25…

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The700Level Siri, why are the Phillies so awful at baseball this season?

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Perfect for post-Avengers! Not quite shawarma, but still mighty tasty. (at Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar & Grille) —

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fraserspeirs Strange moment there as my eyes drifted to the centre-top of the book I was reading to check the time.

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@rickygervais A family friend on why they chose Catholicism “it’s easy + you don’t have to think” I’m OK evaluating moral choices w/ reason.

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raybradbury We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.

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neil_killick If they thought about it for 1 minute they might realise that the team will simply commit to less and produce lower quality output.

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neil_killick I’m constantly saddened by the abuse of by managers who force teams to meet their commitments every Sprint.

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davepell Some call this the greatest moment in twitter history.…

It’s not even close.…

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