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June 2011

@mericanMcCarver @DJJenkins @jsnell Can you get those bylines to carry over to the RSS feed?

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best_of_mlkshk has 20 likes: “It has begun!”

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Recovery Food. @ Five Guys Burgers and Fries

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Friends 40th Bday. Hells yeah! @ Northside Social

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apelad Actual hippos do not eat small white marbles, no matter how hungry hungry.

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brianalvey The most popular software for writing fiction isn’t Word. It’s Excel.

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Happy Anniversary my love! @ Circa

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kevinsharon Happy father’s day to all the dads. And thank you to all the moms who allow us this one day fantasy that our jobs are difficult.

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Ihnatko I hate this new MTV reality show “16 And Already Ten Times The iOS Developer You’ll Ever Be.” Every episode really depresses me.

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Margaritas! @ Taqueria el Poblano

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@shauninman I’m guessing it wants enough power to be able to gracefully shut itself down.

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Midday Sunday beers with the Durso’s. @ Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar & Grill

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@fraserspeirs Agreed. I totally blew the minds of a couple execs the other day demoing a few quick things. The inline graph edit impressed.

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HOTTTTT. @ Kenmore Middle School

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@djKianoosh Split screen keyboard on iPad

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Dinner by the water. @ Crab Deck

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jsnell Touch apps on Win8 tablet seem to be built using HTML5/JavaScript. (WebOS compatible, maybe?) Looks good, very Windows Phone-y.

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bynkii Seriously? Calling me to tell me you’re going to email me?

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