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January 2012

Ihnatko Your Thought For Today: In 2011, Hostess sold 36M packages of Twinkies. Apple sold 37M iPhones…in the LAST QUARTER ALONE.

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nealbrennan One of the greatest letters I’ve ever read. You gotta read this. Takes 90 seconds.

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quarkon 99 bugs in the legacy code, 99 bugs in the code.
Take one down, pass it around.
102 bugs in the legacy code.

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tvoti I would kill to watch a show where Joe Biden and John Boehner jumped cars over gulleys.

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LILWAYNESWORLD why sopa is a bad idea: it’s just soap spelled incorrectly

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Skulled Under SOPA, you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song. One year more than the doctor who killed him.

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stephenfry Kindle, Apple, PSP 3, Xbox,Nokia, Samsung, Wii, IBM, Intel, MS all made at Foxconn. Apple takes the flak but only Apple truly addressing it.

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dcurtis I want a team management tool that merges Campfire, a wiki, Google Docs, GTalk, and Pivotal Tracker into one minimalist realtime mac app.

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robdelaney Oh darn, Michele Bachmann won’t have access to NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

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@danbenjamin I missed the omnibar the most - I used… (granted, a SIMBL plugin) to add it to Safari.

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designworklife RT @_TimothyPower: This is how Lego marketed to girls in 1981. Wouldn’t it be nice if toy companies still marketed…

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thomasfuchs To make great software, you neither need to be a rockstar programmer or study CS. What you need is to understand human beings thoroughly.

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