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August 2009

@AlisonL Delivered already: “Signed for by: E.EMMIT” Sweet.

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Awesome lemonade stand! Waycroft-Woodlawn at it’s finest.

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@AlisonL sounds like people in Columbus need to watch this: (via @leolaporte)

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@Stammy here’s a shot of our Rinnai tankless heater installed:

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@Stammy Oh, and you can take a 4 hour shower if you want… :-) (though then your savings start going out the window…

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@Stammy cost ~doubles vs. a decent new tank one. 75 gallon+install: $1500, tankless+install: $3000. It’s so tiny, too - BIG space saver.

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6 year olds clapping for Fletcher’s performance

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@shauninman lessn enhancement: personalize the mini URLs?

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@Stammy Filezilla. Or go a more interesting route and do @expandrive.

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I joined twitter 1016 days ago - http://whendidyoujointwi… - Woah. No F’ing way.

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@bynkii try a different port? Supposedly one of the ports is on a bus with other internal stuff, and the other port is on it’s own bus.

via web in reply to bynkii is awesome. Track your finances, iPhone app, powered by the best underlying infrastructure out there, Yodlee:

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