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June 2010

AT-AT Day Afternoon - quite glorious.…

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Drupal… in a *day*! Good times.

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@J_Flynn close. *two* defenders (goalie or otherwise) have to be behind the offensive player when the ball is *kicked*.

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@fraserspeirs it’s rocket from Jeff Hearst… hmm, wait…

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leeclowsbeard If you only have the budget for a stock photo, try a concept that doesn’t require one.

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@ryan honest answer: because you (or, at least, some people) like to give 37Signals money.

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@AlisonL that sounds like your account hasn’t been fully migrated to the new iPhone - we get that if Erin puts her SIM in my 3G.

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Guardian’s coverage of the everliving Zombie tennis match - insane:

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like the 6 overtime Syracuse-UConn game, whoever wins this 100+ game opening round Wimbeldon match might wish they didn’t have to play on.

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gruber has the live telecast of the epic Mahut-Isner Wimbledon match, current at 53-53 (!) in the fifth set.

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@AlisonL you can’t. rotation lock in this rev only locks portrait

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@Hicksdesign (…) The fluid layout looks *boss*. Like magic when resized - just spent 10 min dragging it around.

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@AlisonL nah, upgrade to iOS4 now - get all your folders set up - plus I bet Apple Servers will be slammed tomorrow.

via Echofon in reply to AlisonL feeling the strain as lots of iOS4 users move their gmail accounts to the ActiveSync method to join their Exchange accounts.

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13 years of marriage! @eemmott says we’re a teenager now.

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Denmark - Cameroon game is insane so far. First Danish goal was magic. Both defenses playing *sloppy* but still only 1-1.

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Nice seamless transition to WordPress 3.0 on all my sites. Looking solid! Now to start implementing some custom content types…

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@AlisonL change the post’s date. By default they are in reverse chronological order. There are plugins that can do a custom order if U need.

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@AlisonL yeah, I got July 6-8 for arrival. :-(

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@Hicksdesign Ugh - went to to pre-order and saw the new mac minis. Way to drain the bank account, Apple.

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@danbenjamin heh, FIOS works for us (check out the ping and upstream bandwidth - no joke)

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@Malarkey you just inspired me to set it up - had been meaning to - already streaming video over web to my iPhone - insanely good.

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@Heilemann I know, right? Hard to believe the hype until you actually lay hands on it.

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@vowe something like an art exhibit, or the opening of a new building or venue

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@AlisonL best explanation (via Youtube cmnt): of course it’s been around, but few use it - iPhone’s popularity will make vid chat a standard

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@AlisonL not shocking new tech, but a) they are opening the std b) incls other open tech like SIP c) cameras and flip interface are an API

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Anyone notice how lots of the iPhone 4 shots show it on resting on its (now square) edge - no need for a stand…

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OK, so when do I get a 27” iMac with the “Retina Display”? And how much VRAM would a graphics card that can drive ~8K x 4.5K need?

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@mike_ftw yeah, I’m only going to subscribe to their feed from now on.

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RT @graulund: Hey guys! It’s my pleasure to announce that TWEET NEST has officially been released! //This looks great.

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monteiro Really saves time at the beginning of hockey games not to have to play the Canadian anthem.

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@luxuryluke maybe with the camera connection kit you could hook up a drobo. [snicker]

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Ejected from game today 4 helping a friend’s kid get a badly thrown ball just out of reach on CF grass triangle - thx @NyjerMorgan LOL

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@gruber - @vowe has a great stock chart story re: Ballmer/Gates/Jobs too:…

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@jcroft meebo supports facebook chat as well - @meebo app is nice on the iPhone…

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@AlisonL: Yummy yummy pizza lunch from @SpagioGrandview.” A bit late, but also tasty @pizzaautentica in SW…

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