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December 2010

Still remember my first 12 speed - a new Gowalla bike would be pretty sweet tho:

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Merry Christmas from EST.

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@luxuryluke “It’s a major award!”

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Some mysteries never get answered. Just missed him & the reindeer!

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@zeldman @danbenjamin thanks to the both of you for hours of enlightening conversations!

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@bfpetrillo decongestant (real pseduoephedrine from behind the counter, not the fake stuff), antihistamine if you need it, fluids, sleep.

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O.A.R. at Strathmore! — photo at Strathmore Music Center

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I’d love to see a binarybonsai-like ( synopsis of the flight to different bookmarking sites after today.

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@Hicksdesign I’ve split how I use things - pinboard for straight bookmarks, zootool for images

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@jcroft @PinboardIN is the obvious one. Betting Maciej is about to get a huge spike in traffic.

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rcrowley Methinks is going to have a good day.

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@luxuryluke do you have instant-on when awakening, too?

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Light snow, the Post said. — photo at Ballston Beaver Pond

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@gruber Was the “The Talk Show” special guest supposed to be Cliff Lee? /cc @danbenjamin @MikeFTW

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@52tiger re: Dvorak, kids not wanting an iPad: Total Nonsense. My 2 kids love the iPad for gaming. To them it’s a better, bigger, iPod Touch

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They just need to run this video during the Oscars, its as good as any compilation I’ve ever seen:…

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Apple ad for the Beatles on iTunes during Eagles/Cowboys on SNF. It’s like they know @gruber and @danbenjamin are watching.

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Play ‘em off, Lego Keyboard Cat.

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@pvponline a) it was just jello, or b) you are still drunk?

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@marcoarment Look, the Jambox is doing the Fishstick!

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ladawn A secret santa left a big book of emergency toilet paper on my doorstep! Weird that it has phone numbers on it, but a present’s a present.

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“The charge for the service you never asked for will be credited in 1-3 months, so please pay so you don’t incur a fee.”

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Verizon billing practices are abysmal

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fraserspeirs All I want for Christmas is a rack of blade servers running virtualised instances of OS X that kids can VNC to from their iPads.

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TimHaines Wired Magazine - “Why Wikileaks is good for America”.

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Github drinkup. — at Ireland Four Courts

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U.S. agencies warn unauthorized employees not to look at WikiLeaks -

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@Heilemann It hiccuped for me for about 5 min around when you posted that.

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Brill song, brill video. “You can call but I probably won’t hear you / Because it’s loud with the shop vac on…”

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@tvoti “Nobody puts Britta in a corner?”

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@fraserspeirs I’m buying it as soon as I get home.

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Quite cool HTML5 site to launch a privacy/security app for iPhone. http://benthebodyguard.c…

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connectedflow FlickrExport 4 is now available for iPhoto ( and Aperture ( Free upgrades from Nov 1st.

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TSAnta, by @apelad - pure topical holiday win.

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Um, walking to work? Not my best move in this rain.

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