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November 2011

best_of_mlkshk has 20 likes: “Keep X in Xmas.”

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@frasierspiers have you seen this presentation?… What do you guys do?

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best_of_mlkshk has 20 likes: “tumblr_lv9qdmMsGb1qco16mo1_500.png”

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Christmas lights up and a little Bond marathon before heading to friends…

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Suite. (@ Verizon Center for Winnipeg Jets vs. Washington Capitals w/ 68 others)

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apelad There ain’t no effort like minimal effort.

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omniverse Google+ is the Dr Pepper 10 of social networks.

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Pretty cool new service: Buffer. Sign up with this and we both get a bonus.

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Almost to GDC quorum. (@ Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar &

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Book swap. (@ Glebe Elementary School)

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@mikeindustries OK, I couldn’t wait. It’s been almost a year since the time lapse - any chance of a “One Year Later” ahousebythepark post?

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OTA delta updates are MONEY.

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FedEx Office in Arlington just pulled a bait and switch. Never using them again for anything.

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Mini GDC (with significant iProduct representation). (@ Pie-Tanza)

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5 computers still aren’t enough!

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@daringfireball same reason Neven wrote about the need to specifically label your back buttons:…

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