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October 2008

Phinally! Nothing like a 49 hour game to end a 28 year drought!

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Bot 9: B. Lidge relieved R. Madson
- C. Pena struck out swinging
- E. Longoria struck out swinging
- C. Crawford fouled out

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Woohoo! Hamels + Madson + Lidge = lockdown.

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@jonathancoulton A cylon! That explains the tongue-jut thing…

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Had passion last election - but it was a more of a “vote against” type. This time around, it is a “vote for” type.

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@AlisonL repeat after me, “DRM is bad for the consumer…”

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Getting ready for some Big Ten football - go Buckeyes!

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is frankly sickened that people can honestly say these things (in my home state no less):

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Holy Frak it’s the return of Server Side Javascript. I feel like it’s 1997.…

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is in Ohio and will be seeing the Purdue game!

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@Heilemann Sweet!, I can go on vacation now…

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Conservative CNN analyst William Bennett on McCain: “I love the guy, but the campaign is letting down the man.”

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is really proud of Erin for racing in the Army 10 Miler this weekend.

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thinks Tina Fey can take this weekend off - both VP candidates did well. I’m sure she’ll have something to mock next week though.

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@fraserspeirs is happy for all iPhone devs cause of stuff like this…

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