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April 2010

RT @luxuryluke: SLOTS & TWEETIE // aw, damn, I wanted to keep playing!

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RT @photomatt: 2009 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster: // your new ride?

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RT @bfpetrillo: Um … I think we bought a house today. // Yay!

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@DeeRiley33 @w_johnson Sam Bradford OK QB, check out

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Bought issue 1.1 freshman year. Saying goodbye to a defining part of my adult life.…

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18 years of Wired Mag, headed to the county recycling. (+ some vintage tech books - Be dev guide!)

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RT @jcroft: I wish Apple would give Apple TV some love. I’d love to see an iPhone OS version, with App Store. // EXACTLY! It would kill.

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jsnell I’ll say it again: The time you spend learning grep will be paid back in time saved by an order of magnitude.

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@luxuryluke Just go hang out at the bars where Gizmodo staffers are - get one drunk, I’m sure they’ll leave a 4G behind…

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@luxuryluke is it really nuked or are you typing through a shattered screen…?

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Why so fiesty? @Veronica + @THErealDVORAK + @ryan, @Jason + @leolaporte, @Gizmodo + @Everyone Can’t we all just get along?

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@Heilemann Try the dock on the left - Scroll bars are on the right, can get weird sometimes.

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@DeeRiley33 If you’ve never done it, hit up the cafeteria in Eggers Hall. Nice view.

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gruber The New Yorker has kindly mailed me a color printout of this week’s contents from their as-yet-unreleased iPad app.

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monteiro …and with a single stroke the Library of Congress became the largest depository of dick jokes in the world. Then it stroked again. Again.

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ebertchicago Congratulations, twits. We are now all unpaid content providers.

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@ryan Where? It’s all in Flash.

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mathewi Eric Schmidt says between the beginning of time and 2003, about 5 exabytes of info created (1,000 petabytes) - now we do that every two days

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Matusalem Gran Reserva - yum… — at Emmott House

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The jQuery .load function where you specify the DOM section/HTML fragment to look for is soooo OP.

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@siracusa >256 MB might make a difference come the fall with Multitasking…

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danjenkinsgd Tiger teed off on No. 1 to resounding cheers. Evidently there’s a segment of the population that can’t read.

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@jcroft the notifications UI is huge, especially considering you now will get local app notifications as well

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From the iPhone 4.0 Q&A: Steve: We shipped on Saturday, and rested on Sunday. //LOL

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@vowe yeah, hopefully the iPhone 4G hardware will get more than 256 MB as well. That so far looks like my one trepidation about the iPad.

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@w_johnson Oh yeah that’s hot… :-)

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@pvponline agreed - This is way cool for devs, but I don’t want to suddenly own an “AdPhone”.

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gruber Jobs’s whole iAd pitch is a giant fuck-you to Google. Search isn’t where it’s at, web ads convey no emotion, etc.

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iPhone 4.0 is shaping up to be near perfect.

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RT @fraserspeirs: The Drobo FS is named after me, right? Right? // I lol’d.

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That is why March Madness is called what it is called. Would only have been better if Butler pulled it out.

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Ugh. Jetlag allergy medicine = WTF, you want me to work? — at Blackstone Technology Group DC2

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Home. Wish we were still in PHX. — at DCA Ronald Reagan Washington National

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“Name the only guy to win the Masters on two different courses…” /RT @danjenkinsgd - best thing about the Masters: Dan Jenkins is back.

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@siracusa more than that, Myth >>>>> Myst

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