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November 2009

I, too, can be bought: Win a new Macbook Pro on Cyber Monday 2009. Details here:

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@vowe Little: Samsung Sansa - Big: Archos 5?

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Watching the Eagles — at Emmott House

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@sarahlane lol we were watching Like a Boss and Literal A-Ha. New Thanksgiving traditions?

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Congrats to @joyent, @jasonh, @davidpaulyoung and the rest for closing some serious funding! Cloud, Virtualization, Scalability FTW.

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Richmond v. Georgetown 21-0 first quarter…

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A2065 for Amiga, baby… RT @kevinrose: ha’ mine was the 3c509b - RT: @cdibona My first network card was a 3com

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Jason ummm @ev has a sexy new looking blog design… and explains retweeting

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@luxuryluke in the middle of setting everything up - lotta room to grow… # macminiserver

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@luxuryluke I did the same just last night as well - 6TB Drobo + mac mini server = good times…

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Now sick *and* without power. Bleah.

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Congratulations to the 2009 National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Yankees, you’re going down next year!

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RT @gruber: Still so fucking happy. // It’d only be worse if he were a Cowboys fan too. Oh. Wait. (vomit)

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RT @gruber: None of you have ever been as happy as I am right now. // Why the world should hate the Yankees and their fans.

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My father, Bob Emmott, blogging about photography and whatever else…


Link gets more search juice than site itself. Site owner files DMCA takedown, linking site is axed from google.


Gah! Sick and exhausted - can’t take games like this. Back to the Bronx.

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Drive it outta here, IbaƱez!

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@Ihnatko we’ll take it, Andy! The enemy of my enemy is my friend… Go Phils!

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