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May 2011

Watching Sam row at Nationals - Men’s Lightweight Fours. @ Boathouse at Cooper River

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Yosemite Sam just said “Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile. Tell ‘em a secret and they’ll post it online.” My mind is reeling.

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cabel Until today, I didn’t believe in hell, but now I’m pretty sure it’s filled with smug atheists cranking out one-liners.

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stephenfry Marvellous news! doesn’t mean end of world: apparently all the plantet’s imbeciles disappear in one go

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monteiro “All shall be called unto God who are not liars, cheats, drunkards, godless or philanderers.”

So I guess I’ll see you guys on Monday.

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Hey, my company is sponsoring a drupal camp! Registration now open. @Blackstonetech @CapitalCampDC

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@danbenjamin @sazzy Keep naps shorter - 20 minutes - and you’ll get the refreshment you need without falling into deep slumber.

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Quarter-cask Laphroig. @ VA ABC Liquors & Wines

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Damn if this isn’t a cool mashup and all HTML site behind it:

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MrAlanCooper If U demand that sw ship on time, U have no control over quality. If U demand that sw is good, U have no control over time.

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al3x I don’t care where, just far.

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Just saw Jim Moran at the Carpenter’s Shelter Cookoff. Thanks Sheldons! @ Birchmere

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