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May 2012

toomuchnick Remember when someone “not being good with computers” was still cute and not like your friend who can’t feed himself or poop in a toilet?

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RussB Sharepoint is what the Web would look like if the Nazis had won the war.

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jcroft Ciroc > Chopin > Three Olives > Grey Goose > Stoli > Pinnacle > Pearl > Absolut > Smirnoff > well.

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Getting spoiled by Diamond Club again! Thanks, John. (with John and Erik at @Nationals) —

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Little League Sponsor (at Westover Market Beer Garden) —

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pdparticle . @SamsungMobileUS uses an iPhone.

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Walk to Caffe Trieste. (at Caffe Trieste) [pic] —

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North Beach Italian… (at Colosseo) —

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Ihnatko We have a President who greenlit the killing of Bin Laden AND endorsed same-sex marriage. Greatest season of “West Wing” EVER.

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@bynkii exactly. Maybe idiots that can’t connect an HDMI cable or use two remotes? I much prefer a $99 box I can upgrade every 2-3 years…

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notasausage Mike D. grabbed the money, MCA snatched the gold, I grabbed two girlies and a beer that’s cold.

Fuck cancer.

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RIP Adam Yauch.

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DieselDug Getting users to come into your store and use a discount is easy. Getting them to come back without it is not.

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mathowie My favorite moment in the last Game of Thrones was when Khaleesi decides to bootstrap her ocean-crossing startup instead of taking VC.

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