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July 2010

This picture made me both scared and laugh out loud. And I do have to ask, what kind of sword? (@mikeindustries)

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@lonelysandwich @mikeindustries Adam isn’t on drugs, he just looks at this picture from time to time:

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@joyent signed up and posted it to our internal blog - looking forward to it. (“Performance and Scale in the Cloud” -

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Nice - they took my show name for MacBreak 204 - “Bumper Money” @leolaporte @gruber @Ihnatko

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I just unlocked the “Adventurer” badge on @foursquare!

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@Brilliantcrank @mikeindustries @simplebits my wife loves hers, uses it to separate work/home use. Curious if continues when her iP4 comes.

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Napoli + Sopresatta… YUM. (@ The Italian Store)

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@bynkii difference in quote times = commoditization?

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@gruber was the trip out west worth it? No special extra news, but a lot of verbiage and company psychology to analyze…

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fraserspeirs The iPhone 4 seems more Frank Lloyd Wright than Dieter Rams right now. Who cares if the roof leaks? It’s the best house ever!

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Company all hands meeting and happy hour… (@ Carpool)

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@Heilemann no issues at all with iPhone 4 - in fact, better signal than my old 3G. Of course, I don’t ever hold it jammed into my left fist.

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@insane_irish @joyent @jasonh wait, what? The Joyent T-shirt isn’t a myth? A unicorn? A white whale?

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OMFG Pupatella Pizzeria on Wilson in Arlington is *awesome*.

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jQuery Online Conference starting now…

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@vowe the first half is like the Mark Twain quote: “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.”

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@gruber you want PuTTY for the Mac, if written by the @panic guys… don’t think it exists.

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Ohio needs the “drivers education” signs New Jersey had: “Stay Right, Pass Left”. Simple concept that always seems lost on drivers here.

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@fraserspeirs that joke was so inside I think I saw its spleen.

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@bynkii mwahahaaha Pat did rock a couple days ago at Wolftrap - left halfway through REO tho.

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@fraserspeirs that much time left, Suarez made the right call. They live to fight another day.

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Uruguay goalie psyches out two Ghanaian PKer’s and Abreu chips it in for the win! Wow!

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@luxuryluke don’t know if I can give up folders & unified inbox. Of course, in a week that’ll be my wife’s decisioeyet

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