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October 2011

Truffle popcorn. (@ Screwtop Wine Bar)

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I’m at Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza (3017 Clarendon Blvd., at Garfield St., Arlington) w/ 2 others

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@marcoarment you could also try an RS6 Avant. Oh, and… Congratulations!

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ObjC more passive (message passing: “kind object, would you please do something”) than imperative (object.doThis)

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ObjC seems more a writer’s language than a mathematician’s.

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Pragmatic Studio’s iOS Programming Course (@ Hyatt Dulles)

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@mike_ftw Exactly. How many Siri requests to “find a place to get rid of a body” were actually real this past week?

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@Malarkey Enjoy DC while you are here! Clarendon (Arlington neighborhood) is a fun place to go for dinner etc. if you are looking.

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@AmyJane We did a lullaby to Coolio’s Sumpin’ New: “1-2-3-4, get your Fletcher on the floor, gotta gotta get up to get down…”

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GDC meeting. Attendance mandatory. – at Liberty

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Rayke I’m not tweeting about the debate because @Slacktory is killing it. Someone get them some Godfather’s pizza, stat:…

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bynkii The great thing about Wikis for internal IT docs: they make it easy to use while everything is fresh in your head

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State of Birth. – at Pennsylvania State

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@AlisonL HDMI switcher or a new TV. :-) Can the PS output component? Does the TV have a DVI in too? (you can get an HDMI->DVI adapter…)

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Lunch on the water. – at The Water St

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Canada sighted! – at Fort

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Sigh. So how are the Eagles doing? Oh, right.

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Great season, Phillies.

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jtaby Steve’s biggest accomplishment isn’t Apple nor the iPhone; It’s an entire generation of technologists who understand and value design

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seldo (All the windows users are thinking: why is everyone tweeting a rectangle?)

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Here’s to the crazy one.

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@danbenjamin Sprint right after sales - it’s a business announcement.

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